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To meet legal requirements and shipment to proceed, your goods are treated as being from a 'non-regular customer’. As Shipper, you have an obligation to ensure an accurate Declaration, and remove any dangerous or prohibited items. A hand check and/or other checking methods at our absolute discretion may occur. We are not required to advise you of any breaches, which may lead to confiscation and/or delay and/or legal and financial sanction.

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Safety Declaration

If you answer Yes to any of the following questions (1-11), please remove to avoid delays, confiscation of whole shipment, or non-shipment. Extra charges do apply if non-compliant.

  1. Fireworks, ammunition, sporting ammunitions, firearms or explosives. Any item with a flammable symbol or warning of avoiding heat.
  2. Cylinders of compressed air, oxygen, or liquid petroleum gas (LPG) any type of aerosol can (e.g. deodorant, shaving creams, hairspray, paint etc.)
  3. Camping stoves, cigarette/pipe lighters or cigarette lighter refills
  4. Nail polish, Nail polish remover, any aerosol, colognes, perfumes, paint thinners, aromatherapy oils.
  5. Matches, batteries, electronic batteries (from mobile phones, cameras, mp3 players etc.).
  6. Dry ice, specimens or samples, detergents, bleaches, drain or oven cleaners or any types of chemicals, pesticides, herbicides
  7. Fiberglass repair kits, adhesives and puncture repair kits
  8. Alcohol (any) and medicines containing alcohol
  9. Camping equipment or diving equipment
  10. Any item that operates or requires fuel or oil components
  11. Fauna, flora, marine or animal products.

Confirmation of Terms

Please answer Yes to acknowledge the following 12 (i) to (x) to ensure shipment.

  1. The Shipper confirms:
    1. They packed the freight themselves, and have not included any items from any unknown person.
    2. Photo ID (passport, drivers license) for shipment, identical with the photo ID will be provided before sending.
    3. They received brochure, Terms and Conditions and will ensure any and all obligations are met jointly and severally with this, and any other written electronic or non-electronic Document.
    4. They are responsible to ensure items are able to be sent and imported to the country of destination and comply with all applicable statutory requirements regulations and laws. Destination obligations may change whilst goods are in transit. They will contact applicable Embassy or High Commission for any compliance issue.
    5. Freight cost never includes any payment of Duty, Tax, Quarantine, Levies and/or charges associated with their administration. Payment is prior to release for delivery, based on ‘Total Value’ declared.
    6. They have not relied on any representations by the staff or agents at point of purchase, except in writing.
    7. All timeframes are indicative only to Customs for compliance checking, unless a trackable or time-guaranteed service has been purchased where timeframe is guaranteed, and is confirmed in writing.
    8. Suitcases must be shrink-wrapped, with handle exposed.
    9. Photos will be provided showing name and address for delivery on at least two (2) sides by email only.
    10. They are responsible to ensure all items are labelled securely and compliant with Universal Postal Union guidelines for destination country.


30 Jun 2022

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*: The quote provided is indicative at the time it is requested and is subject to change if not booked at same time. It is not an offer of the carriage, which only occurs after all documentation is processed, and Terms and Conditions and any other documentation requested are accepted. All quotes are based on the information provided being accurate, compliant and does not include any duties, taxes or government charges unless otherwise advised at time of sending or arrival at destination.
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